Amazon Prime’s ‘Hunters’ Misses the Mark

If “Inglourious Basterds” and “Watchmen” had a baby, it would be something like the TV-MA show, “Hunters,” which leaves the realm of reality and enters a comic book-like world. The series begins with the interesting concept of a colorful group of Nazi hunters living in New York City, who are seeking out revenge and justice in the late 1970s. Jonah Heidelbaum, played by Logan Lerman, meets the wealthy leader of the group, Meyer Offerman, played by Al Pacino, and joins for his own revenge. The s

Montclair State University's Drag Scene is Open To Everyone

Montclair State University is home to a diverse group of clubs and organizations. What many students don’t know is that there is a drag scene. Every fall, Montclair State’s LGBTQ+ Center hosts a “Drag Extravaganza” where queens of all types can perform and win the crown. Gabriel Gomez, a junior theater studies major, acknowledged that the drag scene at Montclair State is small but mighty. Gomez’s drag persona is known as Jaxon Richard Queens, a gender nonbinary queen who is not exclusively masc

My Data, My Say

In 1949, George Orwell published a dystopian novel titled “1984,” which illustrated the horrors of surveillance and censorship. Constant surveillance is not so far-fetched, it is actually something we have gotten used to. We are so used to it that we do not realize that our computers and cellular devices are constantly taking our personal data and redistributing it. The surveillance of ordinary people has gone much too far. It is common to receive a social media advertisement for the very prod

Gun Control: We’re Going to Need More Than That

This summer, we experienced one mass shooting after another. Things were quiet for a few months until another mass shooting occurred just two weeks ago when a 16-year-old gunman in Santa Clarita, California shot five classmates and then himself. Mass shootings and school shootings are a multi-headed problem. It isn’t as simple as just changing regulations. The first step for gun control would be to advocate for tighter regulations on buying, selling and carrying firearms across the United Stat

Former Sigma Pi Advisor Charged With Stealing Over $40,000 from Fraternity

Joseph Specchio, Montclair State University alum and former advisor to Sigma Pi’s Iota Iota Chapter, was charged with third-degree theft after stealing over $43 thousand from the fraternity. Campus police arrested Specchio on July 30 after evidence showed his use of bad checks and fraudulent use of credit cards in addition to theft. Being responsible for managing Sigma Pi’s treasury, Specchio stole exactly $43,819.86 from the fraternity over the course of two-and-a-half years, according to auth

Tuition for Red Hawks "Soars" as Board of Trustees Passes Vote for Increase

Over the summer, the Board of Trustees and Student Trustees met to address various topics, one being an increase in tuition. The board and student representatives mutually agreed that a tuition increase was the best option for the upcoming academic year. According a university press release, tuition and fees for undergraduate students will be raised 2.2% and room and board fees will increase 0.6% for a combined tuition, fee, and room and board increase of 1.4%, the lowest increase in over 20 ye

Life Hall Flooded with Sewage

Sewage water flooded the first floor of Life Hall, filling the air with a foul smell. It was the same day as an audition for prospective students, ruining the event. A sewer line that was backed up broke, causing the Theater and Dance Offices, the Production Office, the Costume Shop and classrooms on the lower level to be filled with contaminated water. No campus alert was sent regarding this incident. At 7:45 a.m. on Feb. 5, Mary Guerriero and Megan Gwozdz entered Life Hall and smelled a stro

Two Cars Catch on Fire in Lot 17

The University Police Department (UPD) and the Little Falls Fire Department responded to a car fire in Lot 17 at around 8:14 a.m. on Jan. 31. The engine of a 2005 BMW was what had caught fire, and the fire eventually spread to a neighboring car. When officers arrived and saw the car on fire, they moved nearby people to a safer location. A community alert was also sent out via text message to the campus community to avoid the area. Students were alarmed by the sight of the car fire while headin

Bohn Hall Floods on First Day of Classes

Montclair State University sent out an alert to students via text message along with a notice of room changes on Canvas due to a pipe burst in Bohn Hall on the first day of classes. Many classes had to change their schedules due to significant leakage. Some professors even had to relocate their classes in the middle of their lesson, including professor Bridget Brown, who was teaching her writing course. “We evacuated [room 492] when the fire alarm went off and then were directed to re-enter,”

Former Montclair State Employee Pleads Guilty to Distributing Child Pornography

Samuel LaSala, a former Montclair State University Information Technology (IT) department member, is set to be sentenced in January of 2019 for child pornography. According to the United States Attorney’s office, LaSala had a laptop that contained videos of child sexual abuse. He shared these videos with others over the internet, making the videos available to download using an online peer-to-peer file sharing network. LaSala admitted that he had over 100 videos on his laptop depicting child s